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JP Skelley, a native of Johnstown, is a CrossFit Level 3 instructor and owner/coach of CrossFit Excursion. After high school, JP joined the United States Marine Corps infantry and was honorably discharged in 2010 after completing two combat deployments to Iraq. After the military, JP studied kinesiology at Penn State where he began his CrossFit journey. During his third year at Penn State, JP was offered a position with Athletico in Chicago, IL setting up a CrossFit program for the prominent physical therapy company. Over the past decade, JP has be fortunate to coach CrossFit in various gyms across Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. This past year and with the support of his wife, Kara, they decided to move back to their hometown of Johnstown to start their next adventure as CrossFit Excursion’s owners/head coaches. In addition to a B.S. in Health Science, JP holds various fitness certifications including, CrossFit Kettlebell, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Kids/Teens, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Competitors, CrossFit Gymnastics, and TRX certified trainer. John has extensive knowledge and skill in working with children and adults of various stages and levels of athletic ability.

Kara Skelley is a CrossFit Level 2 instructor and owner/coach at CrossFit Excursion. Originally from Johnstown, PA, Kara left the area after graduating from graduate school to practice as a speech-language pathologist in the Chicago and Denver areas. During that time, Kara was able to hone in her skills as a CrossFitter and find her love for coaching. After several years, Kara and her husband John, decided to move back to their hometown of Johnstown in the beginning of 2017 to pursue their dream of helping others find joy in fitness.

JP and Kara Skelley | OWNER

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Dr. Shane


Coach Shane is a Chiropractor, and a Crossfit Level 2 Coach. Specializing in mobility and stability, Shane is passionate about doing things correctly. Shane has always led an active lifestyle participating in numerous organized sports. He now continues to focus on an active and healthy lifestyle with personal interests in weight training, Crossfit training and fitness. He understands the commitment required to participate and function at peak levels either during work or athletic competitions. He also has a special interest in our local athletic population to achieve optimal performance. His philosophy is that it's never too early or too late to become active (infant to the elderly). Shane is committed to provide an individualized approach for mobility and wellness to help achieve optimal performance through the Crossfit lifestyle. Being a full-time chiropractor, Shane is not able to coach as many classes as he would like, but being able to help members both inside the gym as a coach and outside the gym as a doctor is very rewarding.
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Teresa Malec is a native of Johnstown and a family physician currently working in urgent care. After years as a competitive distance runner, she discovered CrossFit in 2018 and has embraced the challenge of developing upper body strength and gymnastics skills for the first time ever. She earned her CF-L1 in 2019 and is excited to grow in her new role as a coach as she continues along her own CrossFit journey.
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Lauren is originally from the Akron, OH area. She started CrossFit back in 2013, shortly after graduating from college. Lauren had never been much of an athlete and felt lost walking into the gym at her college. She started CrossFit with the hopes of learning how to work out and fell in love with the community. As Lauren has moved many times throughout medical school, she's been an avid member of 4 different gyms prior to starting her coaching journey at CFX last year. When she isn't at the gym, Lauren can be found working as an Emergency Medicine resident at Conemaugh Medical Center. She also enjoys tailgating for college football games, walking her dog, and snowboarding in her spare time.
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